The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals

CREP Badge

As a professional who holds a non-expired, eligible certification through a Member Organization, you are eligible for benefits associated with your certification organization’s membership in CREP.

CREP maintains the internationally recognized United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® (USREPS). USREPS makes exercise professionals easily searchable, identifiable, and verifiable. USREPS is changing the industry for:

  • facilities that hire exercise professionals,
  • health providers and advocacy organizations that seek to utilize exercise pros,
  • governments examining potential regulatory standards for exercise pros, and
  • exercise professionals themselves seeking new opportunity to make impact.
  • Consumers who want to verify the credentials of their exercise professionals through a trusted third-party source.

CREP provides the “Find Me At” badge to YOU to help market your skills as an exercise professional. The badge will visually verify your current exercise credentials listed in USREPS. The badge indicates YOU are a leader who can assist in safely and effectively facilitating client goals of achieving more active, healthy lifestyles through movement, physical activity or exercise for recreation or performance. The badge provides a visual mechanism your employer and clients can use to easily verify your certification(s) status.

Using the badge will make it easier for health clubs and other exercise facilities to recognize, market, and promote YOUR services.

Through the use of the badge, we encourage you to maintain certification and invite your clients and employers to verify your certifications.

As healthcare increasingly focuses on preventing and treating obesity and costly chronic conditions, exercise professionals are logical members of the healthcare team. CREP and our Member Organizations intend to help YOU make structured physical activity accessible, appealing and affordable to people of all ages, interests and abilities.

Access the Badge

Please click the above link and follow the easy steps to download the USREPS “Find Me At” badge. By downloading the badge, you agree to the terms and conditions of use as outlined in the Usage Guidelines located on the CREP website. It is the responsibility of the professional to maintain appropriate credentials and complete all required continuing education requirements to use the badge. You agree that it is your professional responsibility to maintain the credential(s) listed in USREPS for the duration of your use of the badge. Member Organizations encourage each professional to check their listing on USREPS to determine if any corrections need to be made to their listing prior to adopting the badge. If a correction needs to made, please contact your Member Organization. If you have any questions about appropriate use of the badge, please email