The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals

About The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals®

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The Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals® (CREP®) is a not-for-profit 501 C(6) corporation composed of leading certification organizations offering NCCA or ISO 17024 accredited programs for distinct exercise professional roles recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. Coalition members are committed to advancing the fitness profession and earning recognition as a health provider for practitioners that have passed a competency-based program using an exercise certification exam that has been accredited by the NCCA or ISO 17024. Primary to the mission of the Coalition is to provide individuals of all ages and abilities with resources and leadership to assist in safely and effectively reaching their goals of achieving more active, healthy lifestyles through movement, physical activity or exercise for recreation or performance.

The mission of CREP® is to secure recognition of registered exercise professionals for their distinct roles in medical, health, fitness and sports performance fields. CREP®'s vision is for consumers and other allied health professionals and policymakers to recognize registered exercise professionals for their leadership and expertise in the design and delivery of physical activity and exercise programs which improve the health, fitness and athletic performance of the public.

CREP® advances its mission by maintaining the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® (USREPS®), an internationally recognized registry of exercise professionals in the United States, and as an advocate for the exercise professional who holds NCCA-accredited or ISO 17024 compliant exercise certification on issues that pertain to regulation, access and scope of work. Current exercise certifications of member organizations listed in USREPS® include Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Pilates Teacher, Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, Exercise Specialist, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Why did the Coalition create USREPS®?

The exercise profession is rapidly evolving and is increasingly perceived as well-positioned, both domestically and internationally, for a leadership role in the adoption and maintenance of active, healthy lifestyles.

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With the growing attention placed on the profession, there has been a corresponding increase in the scrutiny of professional qualification standards and a rapidly emerging need for stakeholders to accurately identify qualified exercise professionals. The need to protect consumers and serve stakeholders has led to a number of actions including 1) bills that would bring regulation to the profession, 2) the establishment of registries in EU and other countries, 3) emerging standards for health and fitness facilities that define the qualifications of professional fitness staff and 4) interest expressed by other professions in the professional scope of practice that exercise professionals currently enjoy in the U.S.

Through a shared voice, the Coalition brings a unified message to the industry, policymakers and standard-setting organizations that represents nationally recognized best practices. This optimally serves the qualified exercise professionals and the stakeholders of the profession including the general public.

How will USREPS® help advance the fitness profession?

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The CREP® strategic plan includes a number of tactics that align with the Coalition’s mission to support the exercise professional certified by certification programs that have been accredited by the NCCA or are ISO 17024 compliant including:

  • Providing an internationally recognized registry for qualified fitness professionals in the U.S.
  • Supporting portability for the exercise professional that holds an NCCA-accredited or ISO 17024 compliant exercise certification by mapping the U.S. Registry of Exercise Professionals to international registries
  • Advocating on regulatory issues at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Promoting the profession while defending the professional scope of practice
  • Engaging domestic and international standard setting organizations (CAAHEP, NCCA, ISO, NSF, EHFA) on behalf of the fitness and exercise professional

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