The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals

Global Verification

Global Verification documents the USREPS-Eligible Credential of a professional outside the U.S. to assist with international registration in an iCREPS member-country Register. Global verification is not registration in USREPS.

If you are currently not based in the U.S. but moving to the U.S., your certification may be globally verifiable.

To obtain global verification, you will need to provide documentation of a U.S. address to the Member Organization through which you have an eligible credential. Upon verification of a U.S. address, REQUEST a global verification letter.

If you are currently not based in the U.S., not moving to us, and remain residing internationally, your certification may be globally verifiable. To obtain global verification, REQUEST a global verification letter.

Please check the chart below to determine if you have an eligible credential through a CREP Member Organization.​

If you have an eligible credential from a member organization, you can gain international recognition and transfer of those qualified certifications to work in other ICREPs member-countries. As an exercise professional, it is your responsibility to meet any additional, specific criteria of the Register where you intend to gain employment. While each country has specific requirements, USREPS provides the foundation for registration within the majority of ICREPs’ registers. A full list of Registers can be found here. Of note, qualification for registration does not replace the need to abide by a country’s visa and immigration laws.

A portability letter will be recognized for provisional registration in iCREPS member countries to enable you to apply for full registration. There is no fee to submit a request for portability.

REQUEST a Portability Letter.

Upon receipt, the portability letter should be provided to the iCREPS member-country’s Register where you choose to work to confirm you meet the registration qualifications in the United States. You may be asked to complete additional requirements in the country based on the standards set by the Register. This letter is only confirmation of the requirements you have met in the United States.