The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals

Global Credential Verification

Welcome to the Global Credential Verification Center – USREPS members have more than ten thousand currently certified exercise professionals around the world. Global Verification documents the USREPS-Eligible Credential of a professional outside the U.S. to assist with international registration in an iCREPS member-country Register.

Of note, global verification is not registration in USREPS.


International Registers can verify professionals living outside the U.S. for provisional registration. Currently-certified professionals, living outside of the United States, will be searchable for registration qualifications for the following job roles: Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Pilates Teacher.

Those individuals who have met the international requirements for the ICREPS practical standards will be identified by a “yes” in the endorsement category. The certifying Member Organization must update this data. Practical endorsement typically includes documentation of hands-on, face-to-face, and live training experience.

Certified Professionals

Certified professionals living outside the U.S. can look up their credential information. Additionally, certified professionals can show clients and prospective employers they are validly qualified and meeting the highest standards of practice globally.

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