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Top 3 ways Exercise Physiologists Provide Expertise in Health and Fitness Management Programs

May 12, 2023

Exercise physiologists (EP) often work in a variety of health and fitness programs, including commercial, community, and corporate fitness settings, among others. EPs can provide valuable expertise to these programs in three key ways:

  1. Participants in health and fitness programs often range from those who are healthy and without disease to those with medically controlled disease. EPs have a standard knowledge of a variety of cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, and musculoskeletal diseases, and have received training in how to provide appropriate exercise programs for individuals with these conditions.
  2. EPs are often responsible for risk management strategies within their programs. This includes following appropriate pre-participation screening guidelines for exercise testing and prescription to maximize the safety of the participants in their program, as well as minimize any potential risk. Risk management strategies also include maintaining employee records to ensure that their team is up to date with their CPR and professional certifications.
  3. In programs that offer fitness testing, an EP can determine the appropriate tests for a client, as well as how to modify testing protocols when necessary. This includes knowing when to terminate an exercise test, the effect of certain medications on an exercise test, and the physiological response to exercise testing. Practicing responsible fitness testing protocols also helps to ensure the safety of the participants.

While the EP is usually part of a comprehensive team within a health and fitness program, their expertise and experience cannot be underestimated. EPs are often looked upon for their leadership and knowledge of how to keep their program safe and effective for all participants.


Lauren Korzan headshot

Lauren Korzan, MA, ACSM-EP, ACSM-GEI is the Southeast Regional Program Manager for Aquila, overseeing a large multi-site fitness program in Atlanta, as well as providing remote management and support for additional fitness programs in the Southeast region. Lauren is the chair of ACSM’s Group Exercise Instructor Committee and serves on ACSM’s Committee on Certification and Registry Boards, ACSM’s Strategic Planning Committee, and ACSM’s International Health & Fitness Summit Planning Committee.