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Fitness Influencers vs. Certified Professionals: The Case for Credentialing

November 07, 2023

In the fitness industry, valid certifications are vital to identify qualified practitioners. This point is exemplified by a recent case involving a well-known fitness influencer Brittany Dawn. A recent WFAA news article reported that Ms. Dawn settled her lawsuit in May 2023, agreeing to pay $400,000 in penalties and restitution for her wrongdoings over the next three years. This legal dispute arose from allegations of deceptive business practices, where she failed to deliver personalized fitness and nutrition plans as promised to her social media derived clients.

This case offers registered exercise professionals an example of the risks of unethical practices as well as an opportunity to help their clients and prospective clients understand and recognize the significance of credible certification. Registered exercise professionals should explain the importance of proper education, credentialing and the ethical standards they must uphold. It also serves as a reminder to consumers to be discerning about the advice they follow and encourages social media influencers to seek quality education and earn credible certification to ensure they can provide factual and responsible guidance to their followers.

The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® (USREPS®) provides verification of valid credentials for the largest number of exercise professionals in the world. With nearly 200,000 certificants representing five exercise professional roles, USREPS® serves as the sole clearing house for verified NCCA- and ISO-accredited certification for Group Exercise Instructors, Personal Trainers, Pilates Teachers, Strength and Conditioning Professionals and Clinical Exercise Specialists.

USREPS® offers the most efficient and streamlined method of positively verifying the current professional credentials of prospective and existing staff. Check out our registry to find a registered exercise professional near you.