The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals
Professional Development

Building Credibility and Trust with Healthcare Systems

August 02, 2023

Meet Michael Stack, an exercise physiologist by training who, as CEO of Applied Fitness Solutions, also employs 16 exercise professionals. Michigan-based Applied Fitness Solutions currently operates commercial health & fitness facilities and is transitioning to a medical fitness model.

The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® (USREPS®) provides verification of valid credentials for over 165,000 exercise professionals representing five fitness professions, including Group Exercise Instructors, Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Professionals and Clinical Exercise Physiologists. Employers like Applied Fitness Solutions use the registry to verify the professional credentials of prospective and existing staff.

According to Mr. Stack, the registry is a “one-stop shop” for reviewing an individual's credential status. He values that the registry: 1) compiles the information on exercise professionals in one place so users do not have to visit multiple professional organizations’ websites; and 2) provides current, up-to-date information for job seekers and current staff.

As Mr. Stack seeks to transition his facilities to a medical fitness model, the registry plays a key role in his conversations with healthcare providers and healthcare system administrators. He finds that they instinctively understand a registry of exercise professionals and see it as analogous to registries of nurse practitioners or physical therapists.

A registry of over 165,000 exercise professionals demonstrates the ability of health & fitness facilities to meet the needs of healthcare systems at scale. According to Mr. Stack, “I can walk into a healthcare administrator or provider's office and say, ‘This registry exists and contains highly qualified exercise professionals with verified credentials.’ The registry is one part of a larger, more cohesive strategy to build credibility and trust with healthcare systems.”

Check out our registry to find registered exercise professionals in your community.

Michael Stack headshot

CEO, Applied Fitness Solutions