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Rediscovering Fun Activities for a Healthier You

July 07, 2023

July 8th is Be a Kid Again Day. It is an annual holiday that encourages adults to take a break from being an adult and to revisit activities that they found fun when they were kids.

People are much more likely to start and continue exercising if they find an activity that they enjoy doing. Be a Kid Again Day is a perfect day to remind ourselves what activities we enjoyed doing as children that we might want to pick up again to jump start a daily movement routine or add into an already established daily movement routine.

The Move Your Way® campaign is the promotional campaign for the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. People can use an interactive tool to generate a personalized plan for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. It is possible to type in “have fun” as a goal, by oneself or with others, indoors or outdoors, and receive a list of fun activities to incorporate into an activity plan.

Registered exercise professionals have an important role to play in helping people implement a fun activity plan, filled with activities that they find enjoyable and will stick with over time. Specifically, registered exercise professionals can:

  • Frame movement as fun—instead of a punishment or a chore—when speaking with their clients.
  • Find activities that help clients meet their health & fitness goals and that they like and will do on a regular basis.
  • Mix in creative, new fun activities to help clients feel energized and motivated to continue with an activity plan.

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