The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals

JCC Association

JCC Association "endorses the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals® as a not-for-profit to help support the following goals that enhance user safety and access to qualified fitness professionals:

  • Creating a registry of well-qualified fitness professionals that is recognized domestically and internationally as a clearinghouse for qualified fitness professionals and the facilities that they serve
  • Providing a vehicle for advocacy on public policy and regulatory issues
  • Providing a platform to engage standard-setting organizations in the United States and internationally."

A copy of their letter of intent can be found here.

JCC Association serves more than 350 JCC, YM-YMHA, and camp sites. Together, they represent a movement of vital importance to individual communities and to the larger North American Jewish community.  From its New York headquarters and its Southern and Western Region and Israel offices, JCC Association has provided leadership in the areas of staff recruitment and training, lay leadership development, field research, professional conferences and workshops, consultation, publications, and specialized programming, enabling each constituent JCC to better serve the needs of its members and community.

JCC Association has facilitated reshaping of the goals of the Movement, creating standards of quality throughout the field, maximizing use of telecommunications, and facilitating the cross-fertilization of ideas by enabling leaders of JCCs throughout North America to share resources and to collaborate on common concerns.

The JCC Movement is leading the way to a vibrant future by establishing cooperative ventures with local and national Jewish organizations, by supporting Jewish culture, community, education, and by encouraging and enabling Jews of all ages and backgrounds to engage in the joys of Jewish living.

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