The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals


The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® is intended to provide users with an efficient and accurate means to identify professionals who have been validated against a uniform standard for his or her role as an exercise professional. The secure infrastructure, while sophisticated, purposefully provides only the information necessary to clearly identify and verify if the professional holds a current exercise professional certification.

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Unlike a directory that may present extensive information on a professional, the information provided in the Registry is limited to the professional’s name, location, all the current NCCA-accredited or ISO 17024-compliant credentials held by member organizations, and the credential expiration date. The Registry serves the needs of consumers, employers, and regulators so they may be confident the exercise professional has met the standard for the professional role they are serving. An individual on the Registry may have a more robust profile including profession-specific degrees, continued education qualifications, and more extensive training beyond that required for inclusion on the Registry. Member organizations may provide this information and can be reached by clicking on the registered professional’s certification number or visiting the member organization’s "Find a Professional" section on their website. For employers or individual consumers looking to hire qualified exercise professionals, please contact the member organizations directly for contact information.

You may access the Registry here. You will be prompted to enter search criteria. The most direct means of identifying a registered professional is to enter the certification number. If you do not have the certification number, you may search by professional name, certification organization, or location demographics. The more data provided about the professional, the more refined the search results will display. If the individual resides outside the United States, please enter the City of residence.

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For more information, contact the office.

Newly certified exercise professionals are added to the Registry once vetted through the member organization. The Registry represents qualified professionals from member organizations only and therefore should not be considered a comprehensive resource to identify all exercise professionals with NCCA-accredited certifications. For a comprehensive list of NCCA-accredited exercise certification programs please visit: