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Let's Talk About Obesity: The Role of Registered Exercise Professionals

March 03, 2023

March 4th marks World Obesity Day. Established in 2015 by the World Obesity Federation, it is a unified day of action in support of a cross-sector response to the global obesity crisis. This year’s theme is “Let’s Talk About Obesity” with a goal to correct misconceptions surrounding obesity, acknowledge its complexities, and take collective action.

Obesity is a complex disease.Many factors contribute to obesity, including eating, physical activity and sleep behaviors, genetics, environment, illnesses, and medications. About42% of Americans have obesity, with the prevalence in the United States rising over 12% in the last 20 year.

Registered exercise professionals have an important role to play in helping individuals with obesity improve their overall health and achieve their health and fitness goals.

First, they can share information about the mental and physical health benefits of physical activity. These benefits include reduced anxiety and depression; improved quality of life, sleep, bone health, and cognitive function; and lower risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. Physical activity provides health benefits for individuals with obesity even if their weight status remains the same.

Second, registered exercise professionals can design effective exercise programs for their clients with obesity. They can use the FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type) principle to create programs that are realistic and enjoyable. They can match the program design with their clients’ abilities and conditions.

Third, registered exercise professionals can provide support for safe, consistent weight loss as part of a structured program.Combined eating and activity changes contribute to weight loss and physical activity helps maintain weight loss. They can help their clients with goal setting and eating and activity behavior change over time.

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