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For Employers, the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® (USREPS®) provides verification of valid credentials for the largest number of exercise professionals in the world. With nearly 200,000 certificants, representing five fitness professions, USREPS® serves as the sole clearing house for verified NCCA-accredited ISO 17024-compliant certifications for Group Exercise Instructors, Personal Trainers, Pilates Teachers, Strength and Conditioning Professionals and Clinical Exercise Specialists. USREPS offers the most efficient and streamlined method of positively verifying the current professional credentials of prospective and existing staff. Employers may verify a single professional or verify a large group of professionals at one time. Verify employees HERE.

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Newly certified exercise professionals are added to the Registry once vetted through the member organization. The Registry represents qualified professionals from member organizations only and therefore should not be considered a comprehensive resource to identify all exercise professionals with NCCA-accredited or ISO 17024-compliant certifications. For a comprehensive list of NCCA-accredited or ISO 17024-compliant exercise certification programs please visit: ​ ​​​